Ardenwood Renaissance Faire, Freemont

The Ardenwood Shakespeare and Renaissance Faire was held this past weekend of september 11 & 12 in Ardenwood Farm, Freemont… and it was a blast.

This was my daughter’s first faire with St. Sebastian’s Renaissance Guild, the longbow archers. This is a great group of re-enactors and their families; there’s just something awesome about learning how to make your own bows and fletch arrows, shooting, and hanging out.

If you’ve never been to a Renaissance Faire, there are all kinds of action-packed fun to be had. For example, archery tournaments:

Archery tournament

Fencing demonstrations:


Mid-air cabbage slicing (and of course, its related skill, jousting):

Mounted sword play!

And what may be my new favorite activity: croquet!

What's croquet without a pirate?

View more photos in my Renaissance Faires gallery.

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