Tour de Fat 2010, Golden Gate Park

This year’s Tour de Fat was during a heat wave, on a hot, sunny day. I rode my daughter to the park on the Xtracycle and hooked onto the tail end of the parade. The parade is special because it is supported by the police, who close off the intersections to car traffic as we pass by. My daughter loves to wave from the back of the bike and talk to other cyclists.

Because I was riding, I have no photos of the parade.

But we had a blast back at the Tour de Fat proper. We watched a comedian call up to the stage two innocent victims, as well as the sartorially resplendent Gary Fisher of mountain bike fame.

Tour de Fat contestants spin wheel

Tour de Fat contestants spin wheel. That's Gary Fisher in the red suit.

At one point, Gary got a bit rambunctious and started spanking the comedian MC:

Gary Fisher spanking the comedian.

Gary Fisher spanking the comedian.

The dancers came on next.

Tour de Fat dancers.

The Tour de Fat dancers.

One of the big draws of the Tour is the collection of crazy bikes:

Crazy bikes rodeo.

Crazy bikes rodeo.

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